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                    Located in the beautiful port city of Ningbo, Ningbo Shuaner Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the medical nursing bed manufacturers integrating R&D, design, production, maintenance and sales. It is also one of the members of Ningbo Medical Device Industry Association. In 2001, it officially became a Sino-Korea joint venture with an investment from the Sungsim in Korea.
                    Shuaner brand was founded in 1999. The past fifteen years has witnessed the rapid rise of the company in the medical industry with its unremitting efforts, professional competence and mature technology. We are committed to providing our customers with best quality through continuous development on new products.

                    Best Quality Leads to Excellent Brand: this is our core value idea. By adhering to the tenet of “high quality products come from rigid quality control”, the company has successfully passed ISO90001-ISO13485 Quality System Certification with its perfect quality control system and all the products have been CE-approved by the European Union one after another.
                    The company has successfully developed series products such as high-grade manual bed, electric bed, household nursing bed, ambulance trolley, baby bed and medical trolley with enough introduction and absorption of Korean superior technology. The company has won high praise from customers with its first-class product quality and technical service and it is still in its growth stage.

                    Shuaner people are committed to working with each customer for common success with quality products, best service and systematic solution.

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